Book Review: Leadership Through Trust & Collaboration

Authored by Jill Ratliff

Confidence. Full stop. Gratitude. Full stop. The fundamental value of hiring a coach or mentor to take you down that road and help you reimagine your life is building confidence, growing your message of gratitude.

Reading through Jill’s book is a reminder of who’s who in the world of motivating and mentoring people to get where they want to go, but she offers more. She offers insight that gets you connected to the right people at the right time, to grow your ability to breeze through the causeway of life in the boardroom. She shows you how to become an influencer in your dynamic field of interest.

This book was jam-packed full of “the 8 secrets to becoming successful in the corporate world. Jill Ratliff focuses on leadership development and living a leadership lifestyle through trust and collaboration. It’s a basic strategy to grow your executive influence and become empowered using the cultural foundation of your work, your business, and your “people” while growing your confidence.

Building trust –

She reveals the power of the 80/20 rule right off the bat, pushing through the confidence to be honest not only with yourself but with others as you grow a foundation of trust. Her method teaches you to collaborate with others, build teams, and grow your connections for survival — but more. She gives you the key concepts that will help you to become a courageous leader through collaboration and trusting relationships.

The stories in her book are slightly redundant, repetitive, and focused on the frustrated, burned out failure, overcoming their dire situation to find success. While this is the reality more often than not, the rectifying strategy that not everyone hits rock bottom before they find a mentor is also true. This means those who are still riding a wave of success need support, mentoring, and coaching too. She does touch on that aspect since many of her references are successful people. I was a bit impressed by the names of her connections… Well done, Jill. Not everybody can drop names and actually know the people attached to those names. You did this very well, and they obviously know you too!

Quotes and references –

Jill Ratliff

The obvious connection of quotes and references throughout the book revealed much about the author. They indicate that she definitely seeks out recognized leaders to motivate and encourage herself. And she follows the rules. Her book was simply written, easy to read, and ridiculously on point.

Jill’s “come to Jesus moment” was all too close to home. For me it was my mother. The casual way she tells the story indicates her comfort level with sharing the story, and the size of the impact her brother actually had on her life. The overall feel of the book is founded in this one chapter — where she “bares her soul” to the reader.

Becoming a leader is more about who you encounter along the way, and what you do with those encounters than any other single thing. That sense of reality means that her book has already impacted my life, and I believe she’ll impact yours too. I recommend you do read Jill Ratliff’s book “Leadership Through Trust & Collaboration”.

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4 Stars



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